Android Tech Talk: What's New in Android Pie 9.0?

GDG Taipei
Wed, Sep 19, 2018, 7:30 PM (CST)

About this event

#AndroidPie 9.0 是 Google 行動作業系統的最新版!它不只有全新的 UI 介面設計,還有許多加入了人工智慧與資訊安全的重要功能更新,也有一些全新的 UI 元件幫助我們更好地設計我們的程式。本週我們的社群協辦人 葉承達 將會為我們帶來關於 Android Pie 的新資訊,歡迎大家一起來瞭解!

Android Pie 9.0 is the latest version of Google's Mobile Operating System. It not only has an revamped UI design, it also has many important changes including AI improvements, security enhancements, even some new UI components. This week our co-organizer Ahdaa Yeh who is also an Android expert will give us this tech-talk to let everyone to know Android Pie well, welcome you to join us!

What we’ll do
- Introductions (5 min)
- Presentation (50 min)
- Q&A (15 min)

注意事項 / Important Notice

* #GDG 是純社群活動 / GDG is an independent community, should not be considered as Google, the corporation.

* 果子咖啡有 150(飲料無限暢飲)和 250(附餐點)的低消,請各位配合至櫃檯簽到和點餐後再入座 / To join this meetup you need to pay for your dinner or drinks, please order and pay for them in the counter when you arrive.

* 現場有免費無線網路 / Free WiFi will be provided.

* 請盡量筆電充飽電入場,場地插座有限,蘋果電腦請記得攜帶延長線以免白豆腐癱瘓插座 / There are limited power plugs in the cafe, please charge your laptop in advance if you need to use it in the meetup.

* 有名片的人可以帶來交朋友,會後會有自由交流時間 / We might have free talk time after the meetup, bring your name card(s) to make friends. ;)

* 如果有想要分享的主題,歡迎寄信到 organizers @ gdg-taipei DOT org 報名 / If you have any topic(s) want to share with our community, send us your agenda and your available time to organizers @ gdg-taipei DOT org.