Tech Ladies Night

GDG Tainan
Thu, Jun 20, 2019, 7:00 PM (CST)

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== 其他 ==
我們說中文和英文,當然還有程式語言,過來看看吧!噢,或許可以帶點零食、飲料或酒:P 來點微醺的 free talk~

Are you in the journey of exploring new technology? No matter you are developer, designer, project manager, researcher or entrepreneur, all the girls who are interested in technology careers are welcome to join our gathering: ) Let’s learn from each other.

We are looking to provide a friendly community in Tainan to help women excel in technology careers. No matter if you want to discuss career questions or share new tech knowledge? Or just want to make new friends? Don't be shy!

We speak Chinese and English, and of course programming language. Just come by and check it out! Oh, and maybe you can bring some snacks and drinks : P