GDG Taichung 小聚#33

GDG Taichung
Thu, Nov 21, 2019, 7:30 PM (CST)

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About this event

▌主題簡介 / Sessions
- Designing Interactive Data Visualizations that Work: Current Research and Future Directions

Big Data research requires the facilitation of modern methods to allow the creation of user-centred appealing data visualizations through data storytelling, dashboards, augmented and virtual environments, and graphics. The growing amount of data requires a user-centred method to design and create appealing interactive experiences, enabling modern data scientists to create a visual presentation of the knowledge contained in rich data sets. The talk introduces 1) human aspects and information visualization; 2) gives a wide range of practical industrial examples; 3) presents processes and pipelines; and 4) introduces simple and more complex techniques for the web, spatial/temporal presentation, networks, maps, social networks, interactivity, and the Cloud. A special attention is given to key-aspects such as design, development tools, human-centred aspects, and human cognition to allow the creation of easy interpretable and understandable data visualizations after attending this talk. Core technologies are explained on practical industrial examples, and a wide range of tools as e.g. D3.JS, Gephi Open Graph software, or Tableau are introduced as a takeaway. Concepts, current research, human-centred requirements, and a pathway for future research directions are presented based industrial examples. The talk is targeted towards a general audience with a technical background, but will benefit becoming data-scientists, information systems researchers, interaction designers, and developers in presenting the foundations of interactive data visualizations.

▌講者介紹 / Speaker
- Artur Lugmayr
Artur Lugmayr is an Associate Professor at Curtin University, Australia, in the area of data visualisation technologies, interactive media, media technology, human-computer-interaction, and media management/media technology.

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