GDG Surat DevFest 2019

GDG Surat
Sun, Sep 29, 2019, 8:00 AM (IST)

About this event

GDG DevFest 2019 is our annual all-day developer conference that offers speaker sessions across multiple product areas, code labs, hackathon and more!

This year we are coming up with exciting technologies that may help you in broader aspects of your professional life. It's a Tech Jamming event which helps you as an attendee to learn new things, making new connections, Exploring yourself and of course enjoy! :)

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#1 Dhruv Patel : Dhruv is android engineer, he has been developing apps and solutions for business for 9 years!

He is currently working with instagram partner for making better schedules on instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

As we seen in past Dhruv is actively contributing in android field by giving speech, taking sessions and hands on. He has also taken hands on with flutter in USA when in austin. There are several places in India where Dhruv has delivered speech and helped other engineers and learners.

Dhruv has interests in chess, astronomy and loves to watch anime.

#2 Mehul Patel : Mehul Patel is an engineer who loves digging technology, and public speaker currently living in India. His interests range from technology to innovation. He is also interested in web development, writing, and safe programming.

#3 Jigar Navadiya : Jigar Navadiya is the AVP - Customer Delivery at Tatvic, a data analytics consulting company & Google Cloud Partner. He is a Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer,

#4 Harshal Kshatriya : Harshal Kshatriya, Co-founder of AnnexTech. An innovator with a proven ability to building and guiding teams to achieve company objectives. He has experience in academics as well as industry. Has 7+ years of experience on Android platform.

#5 Dhruva Shastri : Her interests as an inquisitive #WomenInTech is to learn new every day. So she continually looks out for areas that interest her to work on. Apart from that, Being a community lover, playing a role as a Co-organizer at Google Developers Group (GDG) - Ahmedabad

#6 Manoranjan Padhy : He is from Google DevRel Team. Community Manager @ Google’s Launchpad Accelerator Program | Zero Waste Enthusiast | EV Enthusiast. You can ask him about Zero Waste Lifestyle, ML & Startups.

#7 Juhil Somaiya : Jr. Application Engineer at Odoo. Google Cloud facilitator and AoG developers community member

We invite you to this global series of DevFest 2019 by Google Developer Group which is happening in your own town.

More details to be updated soon, thanks for dropping by!