#JuaraAndroid Offline Session

IdeaHub Coworking Space, IdeaHub Coworking Space, No.31 Jalan Mayjen HR. Muhammad, Surabaya, 60189

GDG Surabaya

#JuaraAndroid Offline Session is a Regional event from #JuaraAndroid

Oct 28, 2023, 1:30 – 6:00 AM

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AndroidAndroid Study Jam

About this event

Dive into the future of Android development with our #JuaraAndroid Offline Session! Explore the cutting-edge world of Jetpack Compose - Android's modern, fully declarative UI toolkit. Whether you're a beginner eager to dip your toes, or a seasoned developer looking to upscale, this hands-on event will offer insights, demos, and networking opportunities with fellow Android enthusiasts. Join us offline, learn from the experts, and be part of the next wave of Android innovation! 📱✨

***Only participants who have been contacted and paid a commitment fee can enter the event***

Note: Limited 50 Participants (All participants who have filled out the RSVP will be pre-selected. Those who meet the criteria will be notified as selected participants)


Open Registration
Opening & Introduction to #JuaraAndroid
Talk : Compose Essentials
Talk : Layouts, theming, and animation
Talk : Architecture and state
Networking Fun Games
Sharing result from Networking
Photo Session


  • Haidar Zamzam

    Android Developer @ Alodokter

    GDG Co-Organizer @ GDG Surabaya

  • Cong Fandi

    Abersoft Technologies


  • Alfian Hanantio

    Digital Daya Teknologi

    Android Dev

  • M Irsyad




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  • Esther Irawati Setiawan

    Institut Sains dan Teknologi Terpadu Surabaya

    GDG Organizer

  • Haidar Zamzam

    GDG Organizer

  • Hansel Santoso


    GDG Organizer

  • Indra Maryati

    Universitas Ciputra Surabaya

    Women Techmakers Ambassador

  • Joan Santoso

    Institut Sains dan Teknologi Terpadu Surabaya

    Machine Learning & Tensorflow UserGroup Organizer

  • Miftahul Huda

    Core Team

  • Moch. Chamdani Mustaqim

    Practicum by Yandex

    Core Team

  • Catur Perkasa

    upn "veteran" jawa timur

    Core Team

  • Bintang Miftaqul Huda

    DV9 International Singapore | Telkominfra

    Core Team

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