Lightning Round Talks

GDG SunCoast
Tue, Apr 4, 2017, 7:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

For this meetup, we'll be doing another set of Lightning Round talks! 

This will be a collection of 1-15 minute mini-talks by different members. If you'd like to present, please message us soon to reserve your slot.

The talks do not have be Android related. They can be about anything that would be of general interest to someone involved in Android development. In fact, there's only one real rule for the mini-talks -- they're limited to 15 minutes, including questions! 

Giving a lightning talk is great because you get to

• Show off your skill to the community. You're awesome why not show off a little?

• Share a recent app, API, SDK, hardware, language or feature that you've just discovered with folks that are eager to enjoy it too!

• Give back to the community.

• Learn something new and practice your public speaking!

Some of the talks so far include: 
   • Using Butterknife --Gaby Quiles 
   • Using Android Auto in the Marine Industry -- David Rothwell 
   • Firebase Cloud Functions: Making your Firebase Func-y -- Mike
   • Messaging Techniques -- Randy Dalrymple 
   • Exploring the Compiled Android App -- Connor Tumbleson 
   • Searching History with Grep -- Harvey Chapman 
   • Genymotion Overview -- Dave Cagle 
   • Something about Marketing or Branding -- Trevor 

While we normally limit recruitment to before or after the actual meetup talks, we'll allow one scheduled recruiting mini-talk during this meetup. So if you're a recruiter stop sending out LinkedIn requests and offer to buy us snacks and we'll let you pitch yourself & your firm.

** You don't have to give a lightning talk to attend but it's definitely encouraged! **