Bill Bensing will share his approach for a rich snippets SEO strategy

GDG SunCoast
Thu, Oct 18, 2018, 6:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

Are you aware of rich snippets? Do you know the first principles behind rich snippets? The SEO landscape is forever changing, although rooted in fundamental principles. Bill Bensing’s research into these first principles exposed a set of practices and technology which allow organizations to excel in SEO and provide great digital experiences, all while decreasing the amount of custom software written and increasing maintainability of a company's technology landscape.

Bill will share his approach for a rich snippets SEO strategy utilizing single page web application frameworks (SPA), progressive web app (PWA) technology, and Google’s own SEO tool Rendertron. He will talk you through a solution to render JSON-LD, and other metadata, dynamically for search engines which do not execute JavaScript as part of their indexing approach. This is all informed by the methods, techniques, and technology Google openly speaks about for their rich snippets.

You will have access to the source code Bill has implemented for his own products at the end of this session. This code allows you to build and host web applications on web-scale technology like Kubernetes.

This talk is as deep as it is broad. It is great for an engineer or developer tasked to solve similar problems. It’s perfect for the technical minded business leader who requires deeper understanding for guiding their organizations tactics to better SEO outcomes. We look forward to seeing you here!