Animation with MotionLayout

GDG SunCoast
Wed, Feb 5, 2020, 7:00 PM (EST)

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About this event

Hosted by Tampa Bays Android Developers Guild

For February's meetup, we will be learning about animation.

This meetup's agenda:

● 10 minutes for introductions, announcements, a bit of socializing, and perhaps try out some more tasty homemade treats.

● 5 minutes for a discussion of the latest Android news.

● 100 minutes for a walk-through of the Google Codelab, "Animation with MotionLayout". In this codelab, we'll learn about a very new Android development feature that allows us to animate multiple views at the same time using a declarative XML. We'll also demo the new Motion Editor feature of Android Studio 4.0 that allows us to define the MotionLayout elements using a graphical design tool.

While this codelab is part of the "Advanced Android in Kotlin" course, don't worry if you're still new to Kotlin; the code that we'll be implementing will be pretty Java-like. (If you'd like to work along on your own laptop, it would be helpful to have Android Studio 4.0 installed and to download and build the sample app at

● Wrap up -- Scott will again ask anyone has something they'd like to present and we'll decide on which nearby eatery to visit for some extra socializing.

* Image from "Advanced Android in Kotlin 03.2: Animation with MotionLayout" Google Codelab at