WTM IWD Oman - The Courage to Start: Creating and Invisible Victories

GDG Suhar
Sat, Apr 17, 2021, 7:30 PM (GMT+4)

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In this courage to start session, Cecil Fischer, Abby O'Meara and Tamarindo Amargo will explore the difficulties that young creators and entrepreneurs face in today's world, with their own stories and invisible victories.

About this event

As an online creator, there's a lot of pressure on putting out finished projects. When you don't do that, sometimes it feels like you're doing nothing, even if you're stacked with behind-the-scenes work. Cecil Fischer wants to talk about how to acknowledge the quiet progress and "invisible victories" that make up doing anything, and how to stay motivated without external validation.

ADHD can make creating anything a real struggle, between burnout and executive dysfunction and just doing it, so Abby O'Meara wants to speak about their experiences with it and to share some tips and words of encouragement. 

Tamarindo Amargo will share her experience as a student, worker and citizen in a country with a sinking economy, and how to get through each day.

Don't miss this thought provoking session as a part of "The Courage to Start Series" in WTM IWD Oman Summit!