How GDSC Oman contributes to Oman Vision 2040

GDG Suhar
Tue, Jun 21, 10:30 PM (GMT+4)

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Join us on MENADD for GDSC Oman Day - GDSC: Oman Vision 2040 with special guest Mr. Othman Al Mandhari, CEO & Founder of InnoTech and winner of the 2017 Best Entrepreneur Award in Oman! Organised by GDSC Oman and WTM Sohar with GDGMENA, this event will enlighten you on how our communities are actively contributing to Oman Vision 2040 and more.

About this event

As part of the MENA Digital Days Series, MENADD GDSC Days is a week-long event that focuses on encouraging the collaboration between different chapters from the same country to host an event for 1 day during the week, representing the country/clubs involved.

MENADD GDSC Oman Day is a collaboration between 4 different chapters in Oman, namely:
  • GDSC Sohar University
  • GDSC Sultan Qaboos University
  • GDSC German University of Technology
  • WTM/GDG Sohar
This session focuses on highlighting the incredible achievements of the Google communities in Oman, in particular, GDSC has been contributing greatly to Oman Vision 2040; which has technology and innovation by youth, for youth, as one of its core goals. Our panelists, GDSC Sohar University Lead Maram El Sheikh, WTM Sohar Ambassador Eariele Arango and CEO&Founder of InnoTech Mr. Othman Al Mandhari will be joining us to conduct this amazing session.

Travel with us over the years into the future as we find out what's in store for GDSC Oman!