Open Source with Truecaller

GDG Stockholm Android
Tue, Aug 15, 2017, 5:30 PM (CEST)

About this event

We are happy to announce a summer get-together! 

Doors opens at 17.00, first presentation starts around 17.30.

Open Source
The focus of this meetup will be open source! We will start the meetup with a presentation by Medo from Truecaller who will present a library the developers at Truecaller have built. Here's what he says:

"We, the engineers at Truecaller, care about threading, A lot!
Sometimes way more then we are supposed to.

That's why we developed a lightweight internal tool inspired by the Actor Pattern, that takes care of all threading for you, in the most simple and natural way.

And now, we are open-sourcing the library, so you too can forget about handling threads and focus more on writing your business logic."

Lightning Talks
We will also allow for lightning talks promoting open source projects you own or contribute too! So take the chance and take 5 minutes to present your library. If your interested send a mail to the group or contact Bob Dahlberg directly.

Hosted by Truecaller
We're also happy to be hosted at Truecaller. They will provide food and beverages for everyone, so please RSVP to this event and let them know if you're coming. Specify if you prefer vegetarian food or have any allergies. All attendees will have to be registered their first- and last-name, so make sure your Meetup registration is updated with the correct details.

As usual, we will open the RSVP list a week before the event (Tuesday 8th of August, around lunch). Mark it down in your calendar so you won't miss it! :)

Very welcome!