GDG Android Wrap Up 🤶🎅

GDG Stockholm Android
Mon, Dec 16, 2019, 5:30 PM (CET)

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About this event

Welcome to the last meet up of 2019 from GDG Android!

Take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy holiday and listen to some of our short topic-talks during the evening. We will semi-introduce shorter talks to encourage you all to apply to speak during meet ups in 2020 =)

The rough agenda:
17:30 Doors open
18:00 Welcome to Netlight

~ 18:05
Erik Hellman | Jetpack Compose
Short talk (~15mins + Q&A)
The upcoming toolkit from Google for building Android UI is called Jetpack Compose. This is a focused session that will introduce the basic concepts and developer experience for how we will build Android UI in the future.

~ 18:30
Bob Dahlberg | Dark Mode
Short talk (~15mins + Q&A)
I got to implement dark mode on a multi-flavored, one-activity, dynamically themed application during the summer and bumped into a few obstacles. In this talk, I’ll shortly describe a few reasons on why to implement dark mode, a basic structure on how to go about it and also share some of the quirks and problems with it.

~ 19:10
Peter Törnhult | Navigation
Talk (~30mins + Q&A)
I've recently implemented Navigation in my second app and ran into a few gotchas. In this presentation I'll run through some basics of the new Navigation components and show how to go about implementing Navigation of a few more advanced scenarios.
Level: Intermediate (basic navigation of Activities and Fragments is required and you need to have some experience with Architecture components to follow along)

~ 19:35
Sevil Güler | Dependency Management with Kotlin DSL
Short talk (~15mins + Q&A)
Abstract: This session will aim to go over (step by step) on how to manage your dependencies with Kotlin DSL with the help of buildSrc through Gradle Dependency Management (GDM).

~ 20:00 Wrap Up and Announcements!
~ Mingle!

If you're interested in speaking or providing a venue next year.
Don't hesitate to reach out, we are always open for a discussion.