Web as a First Class Citizen

GDG St Louis
Mon, Apr 2, 2018, 6:30 PM (CDT)

About this event


Web development is no longer the no-mans-land in the Great Browser War. It has become a full fledged platform with increasingly more native support in OS's including Android, ChromeOS and even Windows. Join me to talk about the latest features of the web platform such as threading, the ability to run compiled code (think C, C++ or Rust in the browser) and fully offline capable Progressive Web Applications. This all culminates to a platform, where we can write one application that provides native experiences and performance across multiple OS's.


Devin Kiser is a Software Engineer at WWT Asynchrony Labs where he's been in the beginnings of his career for the past 2 years. He spends his days on a project persistently trying to modernize and lighten a 15 year old Java thick-client application. He's been doing web development since High School (although web times were hard back then) for a total of 7 years, a multitude of projects, and has been drinking the web Kool-Aid all the while. For the most part he always has some or multiple projects in the works but, any free-time left is spent taking care of his 2 pups.


Asynchrony Labs is graciously hosting us and providing food. Parking is available in the garage behind 1000 spruce street. There are parking toll booths, but the arms should be raised so you'll be able to enter and exit without paying. Take 9th St. south from Spruce (on the East side of the building.)


Doors open at 6pm, program begins at 6:30.