Road to DevFest: Next '18 Extended Space Coast

GDG Space Coast
Thu, Sep 13, 2018, 6:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

This event is part of the Road To DevFest Florida Tour.
DevFest Florida tickets are available at We'll make a discount code to #DevFestFL for attendees of this event.

6:00pm - Networking, Food, and Beer
6:30pm - Google Cloud NEXT 2018 Recap - Michael Prentice
7:00pm - AngularMix and DevFest Florida updates - Michael Prentice
7:15pm - Brief discussion of the future of GDG Space Coast - Michael Prentice
7:30pm-8pm - Qwiklabs Codelabs, Networking, Raffles, Dessert!

There will be free food provided by DevIntent ( and some of the left over sponsorship from Status ( from DevFest Space Coast, plus free beer thanks to Groundswell (!

GDG Space Coast will also have some T-Shirts, stickers, and JetBrains IDE licenses (raffle) to give away.

Please use #Next18Extended for social media posts about this event.

As this event will have optional codelabs, please bring a laptop if you want to participate in those. Chromebooks and Linux are acceptable in addition to Windows and macOS.

If you plan to do the codelabs, please follow these steps:
- Create a Qwiklabs account at
- Make sure you check the opt-in box for promos! This makes you eligible for additional free access after completing the first series of labs.

Attendees who complete the first set of two codelabs, will qualify for a free month of Qwiklabs. If you complete a Qwiklabs certification in that time, you can qualify for a second free month. That's enough time to become highly competent with Google Cloud Platform!

Additionally, we'll be offering attendees 1 month free on Google Cloud Specializations on Coursera!


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