DevFest Sousse 2024

Sousse, 4000, Sousse, 4000

A new inspiring edition of Devfest Sousse is about to sail on the Tunisian Coast ⚓️⚓️

Nov 3, 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM



Key Themes

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About this event

Tik, Tok...⏰️ Tik, Tok...⏰️

Here we go! With a new greatness-defining story, you shall be the writer 🔥🔥

A new inspiring edition of Devfest Sousse is about to sail on the Tunisian Coast ⚓️⚓️

This is your golden chance to improve your skills and set the stage for conquering the tech universe. It includes hands-on workshops that will spark your passion and tech talks that will satisfy your curiosity.

What's in there 🤔🤔 ? ⬇️

🤯 Cutting-edge knowledge: Immerse yourself in a world of innovation with hands-on learning experiences, technical talks from industry experts, and engaging workshops. Dive deep into the fields of AI, Google Cloud, mobile development, and web development.

🤝 Community and collaboration: Join a thriving community of like-minded developers, fostering an environment that encourages the exchange of knowledge and the showcasing of your skills. Together, we'll push the boundaries of what's possible.

🎁 Exciting surprises: Get ready for a day full of surprises, exciting workshops, and fun times that inspire and motivate you.

📅 Mark your calendars for the 3rd of November, 2024, and join us in Sousse to discover our amazing plan and connect with our dynamic community😎

Don’t miss our gifts 🎁, surprises 🎉 and funny moments 😃

We look forward to seeing you and creating unforgettable memories together! ❤️



Sunday, November 3, 2024
7:30 AM – 4:00 PM UTC


  • Yassin Saddem


    GDG Organizer

  • Helmi Dhaou

    Gulf Software & Technology LTD

    GDG Organizer

  • Ibtissem Hattab


    GDG Organizer

  • Alaedeen Eloueryemmi

    Target Energy Solutions

    GDG Organizer

  • Rached Alaya

    GDG Organizer

  • Hamdi Gaied


    GDG Organizer

  • Lina Haouas

    GDG Organizer

  • Ikram Hattab

    GDG Organizer

  • Abir Lakhal

    GDG Organizer

  • Doniez Touil

    GDG Organizer

  • Lamiss Messaoudi

    GDG Organizer

  • Mohamed Rejeb


    GDG Organizer

  • Nermine Dhifallah

    GDG Organizer - WTM Ambassador

  • Fedi Mersni

    GDG Organizer

  • Bassem Gouty

    GDG Organizer

  • Saif Eddine Layouni


    Software engineering student

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