I/O Extended Nordic

GDG Sørlandet
Wed, May 26, 2021, 6:00 PM (CEST)

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About this event

Come together with other fellow developers and see the magic of #GoogleIO after the event.

What you can look forward to:

👉the latest news in ML, Flutter, Web, Cloud in compact form

👉Panel Discussion with Google Developer Experts

The whole Nordic Google community joined for one event.

We reserve the right to make changes to the program.

This event is a result of collaboration among several GDGs in the nordic area. This is our second joint event. Let us present all co-organizing chapters with their main event organizers who have made this event happen:

GDG Aalborg with the main organizers Martina Konecna, Anna Kubacka: https://gdg.community.dev/gdg-aalborg/

GDG Oslo with the main organizers Majid Hajian, Leonard Lee, Sarah Fullmer: https://gdg.community.dev/gdg-oslo/

GDG Copenhagen with the main organizers Sumith Damodaran, Pramila Soni: https://gdg.community.dev/gdg-copenhagen/

GDG Cloud Oslo with the main organizer Rustam Mehmandarov: https://gdg.community.dev/gdg-cloud-oslo-norway/

GDG West Sweden with the main organizer Prajit Datta: https://gdg.community.dev/gdg-west-sweden/

GDG Stavanger with the main organizer Prashant Bajpayee: https://gdg.community.dev/gdg-stavanger/

GDG Bergen with the main organizer Øyvind Randa: https://gdg.community.dev/gdg-bergen/

GDG Trondheim with the main organizer Asbjørn A. Fellinghaug: https://gdg.community.dev/gdg-trondheim/

GDG Sørlandet with the main organizer Vaibhav Bhutoria: https://gdg.community.dev/gdg-sorlandet/

Flutter Oslo meetup with the main organizer Majid Hajian: https://www.meetup.com/Oslo-Flutter-Dart-Meetup/

So join us on Wednesday 26th of May. See you there folks!


Wednesday, May 26
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (CEST)


  • Martina Konecna

    Martina Konecna

  • Anna Kubacka

    Anna Kubacka

  • Vaibhav Bhutoria

    Vaibhav Bhutoria

  • Majid Hajian

    Majid Hajian

  • Sarah Fullmer

    Sarah Fullmer

  • Rustam Mehmandarov

    Rustam Mehmandarov


    Cloud GDE | Chief Engineer

    See Bio
  • Øyvind Randa

    Øyvind Randa

  • Pramila Soni

    Pramila Soni

    GDG Copenhagen

  • Sumith Damodaran

    Sumith Damodaran



  • Prashant Bajpayee

    Prashant Bajpayee