Going Reactive with Spring & Kotlin

GDG Sofia
Wed, Dec 16, 2020, 7:00 PM (EET)

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Dear GDG community,

Tune in on 16/12 (Wednesday) at 7:00PM (EET) for another GDG evening with our local community stars!
This time the topic will revolve around our favourite Kotlin, or more specifically:

Going Reactive with Spring & Kotlin

There's been a lot of buzz around reactive programming in recent years. Spring, being the dominating framework in the JVM world, didn't disappoint and introduced its reactive-stack web framework WebFlux in Spring 5. Together with this, they also saw the rise of Kotlin coming and they introduced dedicated Kotlin support for the Spring 5 with the goal to make Kotlin a first-class citizen of the ecosystem. In this talk we'll have a look at some of the results this collaboration has led. We'll have a look at a good old blocking Spring MVC service and transform it into a fully reactive one using WebFlux, Kotlin and coroutines.

  • More about the speaker:

Ivan Deskov, Senior Software Engineer @ SumUp

He started his career back in 2012 as an Android developer, then moved on to more of a backend role. Ivan's main focus is programming on the JVM but he's also interested in all kinds of languages and technologies, from JavaScript to GoLang and he doesn't shy away from programming for the Web. He relocated to Sofia during the summer and is now a proud member of the SumUp family. He is quite fond of martial arts, but he hasn't tried any gyms in Sofia just yet, so recommendations in that area are more than welcome in the networking part of our event! :)

This event is happening to thanks to SumUp Bulgaria

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Wednesday, Dec 16
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM (EET)