“Impact the Future” - From Earth, Space and Beyond

Republika Club Restaurant, 4 Juli, Kičevo, 6250

GDG Skopje

The Conference called “Impact the Future” - From Earth, Space and Beyond will be a hybrid event that will happen both in person (Kicevo) and also virtually, where participants will be able to have diverse content remarkable learning curves, and exposure to novel opportunities.

Apr 20, 4:00 – 8:30 PM

155 RSVP'd

Key Themes

Community BuildingInternational Women's DayNetworkingWomen Techmakers

About this event

Join the Google Women Techmakers Community in celebrating International Women's Day at our exclusive event “Impact the Future - From Earth, Space, and Beyond". Designed to educate, connect, inspire, and uplift women in technology and space exploration, this event offers a diverse range of sessions tailored to foster professional growth and enhance technical skills, personal branding, and networking.

  • With a notable Space and Tech Focus, it will further provide substantial education, inspiration, and ability to connect with domestic and international speakers.

Featured Sessions: 

Session 1: “Tech Odyssey: Navigating the Space Sector”

Session 2: “Women at Warp Speed: Elevating Voices”

Session 3: “Rocketing Careers: Navigating the Space Industry”

Session 4: “Women Breaking Barriers” - Overcoming Obstacles

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 Facebook event link: https://fb.me/e/3BaPp5kt4
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Sample Agenda:

4:00 PM (CEST) - 6:00 PM (CEST)

Humanitarian Bazaar in front of Adams Education, featuring hand-made arts & crafts (we are donating a % of the funds).

6:00 PM (CEST) - 6:15 PM (CEST)

Opening Ceremony: Martina Dimoska

6:15 PM (CEST) - 6:20 PM (CEST)

Set-Up Break

6: 20 PM (CEST) - 7: 05 PM (CEST)

Session 1: “Tech Odyssey: Navigating the Space Sector”

7:05 PM (CEST) - 7:10 PM (CEST)

Set-Up Break

7:15 PM (CEST) - 8: 00 PM (CEST)

Session 2: “Women at Warp Speed: Elevating Voices”

8:00 PM (CEST) - 8:05 PM (CEST)

Set-Up Break

8:05 PM (CEST) - 8:50 PM (CEST)

Session 3: “Rocketing Careers: Navigating the Space Industry”

8:50 PM (CEST) - 8:55 PM (CEST)

Set-Up Break

9:00 PM (CEST) - 9:40 PM (CEST)

Session 4: “Women Breaking Barriers” - Overcoming Obstacles

9: 40 PM (CEST) - 9:45 PM (CEST)

Set-Up Break

9:45 PM (CEST) - 10:30 PM (CEST)

Keynote Speaker: Victoria Blinova (Аttending in person in Kicevo).

10:30 PM (CEST): Closing Remarks, Award Ceremony & Photo-Op

After 10:30 PM (CEST) - Onwards: Party with Montparnasse

Facebook event link: https://fb.me/e/3BaPp5kt4

Speaker: Victoria Blinova (Аttending in person in Kicevo). 
Victoria is a Women @ Google community lead and manages YouTubers at YouTube and helps them grow from 0 to billions of views.
She also grew her own LinkedIn profile from 0 to 11,000.
In her talk, she will talk about empowering women to grow their brand from 0, no matter what industry they’re from.

Q&A Sessions after each session, and short coffee breaks.

Two more surprise guests coming in person on the panels, check out our speaker descriptions on Instagram (@internationalspacealliance) or Facebook to figure out who they are!

Date: April 20, 2024

Time: 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM CEST

Location: Hybrid (Both in Person in Kicevo, N.Macedonia and Online)

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Because of that, for your certificate of attendance, you have to email intspacealliance@gmail.com to obtain one.

Whether you're embarking on your tech journey, transitioning to a career in technology, or seeking to refine your visibility abilities, "Impact the Future - From Earth, Space and Beyond" promises invaluable insights, networking opportunities, and the chance to learn from inspiring women in the tech realm.



Saturday, April 20, 2024
4:00 PM – 8:30 PM UTC


  • Victoria Blinova


    Women @ Google Lead, Strategic Partner Manager @youtube


  • Ana Arsovska Angjeleska

    Adams Education


  • Martina Dimoska

    International Space Alliance

    President & Founder


  • Anastasia Stepanova

    Colorado School of Mines

    PhD candidate in Space Resources

  • Daria Opekunova

    Blue Origin

    Technical Product Manager

  • Lama Aloraiman

    Founder and CEO


  • Philippa Burgess

    MS Candidate in Human Security & Geospatial Intelligence

    USC Spatial Sciences Institute

  • Daisy Liu


    Engineering Leader

  • Lina Borozdina

    @ Virgin Galactic


  • Aleksandra Spasevska

    ‘Kuzman Josifoski-Pitu’

    Professor of Macedonian language and literature

  • Love Otudor


    Android Developer, Technical Writer

  • Ranjini Kishen Kumar


    Senior Analyst, Business Consulting

  • Katsiaryna Vyshydkevich

    Senior QA Engineer,

  • Holly Pascal

    NASA Headquarters

    Systems Engineer

  • JoAnna Marmon

    Serial Entrepreneur

    BOEING 787 pilot for a major US airline

  • Claudia Kessler

    Visionary, Founder, Space Engineer, CEO

    Astronautin GmbH

  • Mindy Howard

    Cosmic Girls Foundation

    CEO and Founder

  • Tiffany Patterson

    Virgin Galactic

    NXTGEN Astronaut

  • Dr. Srimathy Kesan

    "Space Kidz India" (SKI)

    Founder & CEO

  • Rania Toukebri

    Airbus Defense and Space

    Project manager

  • Kinjal Dave

    University of Cambridge

    Master’s Degree focused in Nuclear Energy

  • Alina Vizireanu

    UK Local Government

    Geospatial Manager

  • Whitney Jerosme

    Toulouse Paul Sabatier University

    Mechanical Engineering