2 days workshop on IoT

GDG Siliguri
Jan 25 - 26, 2020, 10:00 AM (IST)

About this event

GDG Siliguri for the 1st time steps in Sikkim to organise a 2 day workshop at SMIT. This event is restricted to the professors and students of SMIT and SMU. Learn the basic concepts of IoT and the Arduino framework. Play with edge devices and make some crazy stuffs. In these 2 days, we will make sure that the participants can get an overall understanding about IoT and work on some real life projects.

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  • Avirup Basu

    Avirup Basu


    Founder and Organiser

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  • Sourav Das

    Sourav Das


    Co-organiser and Community Manager

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  • Debajit Mallick

    Debajit Mallick


    Co-organiser and Community manager

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  • Srishti Majumder

    Srishti Majumder

    Developer Relations and Community Manager

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  • Subhranil Sarkar

    Subhranil Sarkar


    Co-Organizer, Project and Community Manager

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