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GDG Silicon Valley
Wed, Apr 6, 2016, 6:00 PM (PDT)

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6:00-7:00pm Networking and light food

7:00-7:10pm Announcements

7:10-7:45pm Taking Component-based UI Frameworks to the Client -Vladimir Pasquier

7: 50-8:30

Thinking in Polymer (Data) Components - Chris Joel

Abstract/Speaker Bios: 

Taking Component-based UI Frameworks to the Client: Building and maintaining software that stands the test of time is one of the greatest challenges in the software industry today. Everyone wants to play with the cool new toys, but experienced developers know that once you have a customer base and you need to provide support and maintenance, breaking changes are a challenge that might come at a high cost. During this talk, we’ll show you how to utilize Web Components and Polymer to start migrating the server side JSF UI to the client in an Enterprise Content Management Platform. We’ll also provide an overview of the technical challenges of leveraging custom elements to build interoperable UI components for the web. We will also review how Web Components are providing concepts surprisingly similar to what is supplied by JSF along with a highly interoperable component-based client side framework that leverages the DOM as the “framework” and HTML as its familiar declarative syntax.

Key Takeaways:

• Differences but also surprising similarities between JSF2 and Web Components 
• Technical obstacles and a new way of solving these issues 
• Migration strategies to switch to the new stack 

Bio: Vladimir has joined Nuxeo in 2011 as a Software Engineer in the Nuxeo Development team in Paris. As part of the development team of the Nuxeo Platform, Vladimir has worked on core projects of the software like the global REST API, Automation and Workflow engine. More recently he’s been working on the migration of Nuxeo UI from JSF to Polymer.

Thinking in Polymer (Data) Components: Polymer makes it really easy to encapsulate discrete UI as reusable Web Components. But an app with just an interface is not especially useful. What if we could use the same approach to encapsulate discrete API as reusable Web Components? In this talk, we'll walk through what it takes to express a RESTful API resource as a Polymer Web Component. We will also review the benefits gained from being able to think of API resources in terms of components. We will also discuss how to hygienically test data components. Finally, I'll review data components that the Polymer team has already built for you to leverage in your application today.

Bio: Chris Joel is a software engineer at Google working on Polymer Elements. His passion is building rich, connected and responsive interfaces and applications for the web.


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