GDGSV + Modern Web + Angular MTV - ONLINE

GDG Silicon Valley
Wed, May 6, 2020, 6:30 PM (PDT)

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About this event

Hello, everyone!

We are thrilled to be partnering with Modern Web Bay & Angular MTV for another upcoming event!

In light of the COVID-19 situation, this event will be hosted online. Our priority is to keep everyone healthy and safe, but we are excited to have the opportunity to connect virtually!

Come and join us on May 6th, 2020 from 6:30pm-8:30pm for tech talks and JavaScript Jeopardy!

We will be live-streaming here:

Our featured speakers are:

Vincenzo Chianese
Eng. Team Leader at Stoplight
“When an Error is Not an Exception”
In this presentation we'll go over some of the unique requirements of Prism that made me rewire the brain about the way we think about an Error. People will learn the particular domain of Prism, understand why throwing an exception in some cases is not an option, and what tooling is available today in JavaScript/TypeScript to model such a domain correctly.

Sam Julien
Developer Advocate Engineer for Auth0
“The Role of Effects in NgRx Authentication”
Building token authentication into an NgRx application can be overwhelming and confusing. Authentication is already a big, scary subject and so is NgRx. When you put them together, things get confusing fast. In this talk, we’ll do a comparison of how authentication in a vanilla Angular app differs from auth in an NgRx app. We’ll then see how the central nervous system of authentication shifts from a service in regular Angular to Effects in NgRx.

This talk will be practical and code-driven, leaving you equipped to tackle adding this feature to your NgRx application at work on Monday. You’ll learn how Effects can handle loading authentication state, navigate users to protected routes, and process tokens received from an identity provider. By the end, you’ll feel way better about tackling auth in NgRx!

See you then!


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