Angular Pre-Rendering, Linting, and more (Co-hosts: Angular MTV, GDG-SV, SV JS)

GDG Silicon Valley
Thu, Mar 9, 2017, 6:30 PM (PST)

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Join us for a JS filled Modern.Web event co-hosted with AngularJS MTV, GDG-SV and Mountain View JS

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Title: Angular 4

Speaker: Stephen Fluin, Angular Core Team

Description: An update on what's new in Angular, information on how to take advantage of the latest features, and how some changes under the hood benefit developers.


Title: Linting Angular

Speaker: Minko Gechev, Software Engineer, Learn Capital

Description: Following best practices is essential for the final success of any project. Unfortunately, the process of enforcing them is manual and error-prone - through code reviews. In the talk I will show how to automatically encourage best practices and verify common style by using static code analysis with codelyzer.


Title: Pre-render with Purpose

Speaker: Jeff Cross, Co-Founder,

Description: In addition to helping your site play well with search crawlers and content scrapers, pre-rendering your application can also help your users see your content as soon as the html document is loaded. But the benefits of pre-rendering can be totally lost if you're blocking page rendering on loading external scripts and stylesheets in your html document. In this talk, Jeff will show techniques and tools to make sure pre-rendered Angular apps have fast first renders.


JavaScript Panel 

Featuring Jeff Cross, Stephen Fluin, and Minko Gechev, we will discuss the Angular ecosystem and upcoming news.


Thank you to both our sponsors Waffle for the pizza and This Dot for the videography and photography!



630pm - 700pm - Registration & Pizza sponsored by Waffle!

700pm - 715pm - Welcome & Announcements

715pm - 730pm - State of Angular

730pm - 750pm - Speaker 1

750pm - 810pm - Speaker 2

810pm - 820pm - Angular Jeopardy

820pm - 840pm - Speaker 3

840pm - 900pm - Angular Panel 


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