Reactive programming with RxJava & Auth0 (Auth Zero)

GDG Silicon Slopes
Thu, Jan 11, 2018, 6:00 PM (MST)

About this event

Talk 1 by Jon Bott:
Most courses give a complex but high level overview of RxJava, without giving real-world uses, simple design patterns, or recipes to follow.

We will simplify working with RxJava and Reactive Patterns, as well as gain a simple to follow template on how best to use Reactive Programming in our UI, Network, and Data Layers.

The six things we'll cover are practical examples for:
* RxVariable: The Simplest Form
* Subjects: when to use them
* Observables: with complex tasks
* Grouping multiple complex tasks
* Observables in the UI
* Threading

Talk 2 by Michael Stringham:
Have you spent too much time and resources on authentication for your web, mobile, or native application?
Have you wondered if you "got it right" the first time? Auth0 ( is meant to alleviate these concerns with a simple and intuitive API and SDK. This platform covers authentication and identity concerns (including single sign on, social logins, multi-factor authentication, and others), which has been used to secure billions of logins every month.

NOTE: Food and drinks will be available starting at 5:30PM