[Your Path to DL Series]: Your Path to Deep Learning: Personalized Recommendation Engines with TensorFlow

At this last workshop of the "Your Path to DL Series", we will be experimenting another relevant AI application which is personalized recommendation engines with the use of Tensorflow.

Sep 1, 2021, 2:00 – 4:00 PM


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About this event

In collaboration with IBM, GDG Sharjah is glad to invite you to a Deep Learning workshop series! This new advanced level series for audiences interested to specialize in Machine Learning and Deep Learning

🌟 Workshop Overview

Recommendation engines are an integral part of our lives and touch us with nearly every digital service we use these days. They allow users to gain a personalized experience based on their behavior and are used by most popular media & e-commerce platforms.

In this fourth and last workshop of the Your Path to Deep Learning series, you will learn how to build a Restricted Boltzmann Machine using TensorFlow that will give you recommendations based on movies that have been watched. The data sets used in the workshops are from GroupLens, and contain movies, users, and movie ratings.

You'll learn to use a sigmoid activation function for the neural network, and the recommendations returned are based on the recommendation score generated by a Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM) using Collaborative Filtering.

πŸŽ“ What will you learn?

Understand how restricted Boltzmann machines work

Get to know how collaborative filtering can be implemented on restricted Boltzmann machines

Understand the use cases and learning process of restricted Boltzmann machines

How to implement a Restricted Boltzmann Machine

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Who Should Attend?

Developers interested in building deep learning models using Python

Deep learning & machine learning enthusiasts

Developers discovering deep learning algorithms

Developers building use cases around deep learning

🎈 Prerequisites

You must have some background in programming. Python is preferred.

You must understand the basics of Machine Learning. You can watch this webinar as a refresher: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/path-to-ai1

Log in to your existing account or Sign up for a free account IBM Cloud at https://ibm.biz/YourPathToDeepLearning

πŸŽ™ Speakers

Fawaz Siddiqi, Developer Advocate @ IBM


Asna Javed, Lead Developer Advocate @ IBM


Please note: We will be providing a badge & certificate for this series. At the end of the series, you will be asked to enroll into a course "Deep Learning with TensorFlow" on https://cognitiveclass.ai. Once you complete the quizzes in the modules, you will be provided with a badge and a certificate.


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