Drones Detection: An application of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In this event, we will dig deeper into one of the applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is Drones Detection. Recently drones is flagged as asecurity threat as it could fly next to restricted areas. In this event, we are discussing how AI have been used in detecting drones and what are the most innovative or state-of-art techniques that are recently used.

Jun 27, 2021, 8:00 – 9:30 AM


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About this event

tIn this event, we are having on-board two very special speakers, Sally Idhis and Mariam AlAboudi, Research Engineers from Aerospace Center of Excellence - University of Sharjah. They both are working on tracing drones and drones detection. Eng. Mariam have been working in detecting drones using different machine learning and deep learning techniques, while Eng. Sally have been investigating the detection of drones through RF Signals.

Despite that Drones have recently become known for being a useful technology, it became a national security threat as well. Therefore, this event showcases the latest research attempts and the state of art machine learning and deep learning techniques used in this field. 

Moreover, we will explore with them one of the recent datasets in that field and what was their experience in data preprocessing and cleaning. 


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