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Aug 8, 2020, 5:00 – 9:00 AM


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Jetpack / 图形化及安卓11中的游戏SDK / ML in Android


1. It’s been 3 years android development has huge changes, from Architecture components, AndroidX migration to Jetpack, and Kotlin. What’s the mindset behind all of these changes, when you realized android needed this change to a new, modern way of developing android apps?

2. Android always has great graphics performance, and it had big improvements after supporting Vulkan. But compared to the other competing platform it seems it is still one step behind. Is android game SDK is a solution? Are there any plans to make graphics more performant?

3. When LiveData released there is a discussion whether to use LiveData or RxJava, now the release of Kotlin flow there is the same discussion, it leads to a paradox of choices and makes it hard to choose, what’s your opinion?

4. SDKs has huge impact to make certain use case popular in the market to enable developers to implement it extremely easy, but sometimes SDK are not enough, to make some awesome usecases possible needs services, in 5g era what kind of new services we can expect from Google Play Services?

5. Last one final question, what is your suggestion to fresh developer how to become better android developers?

6. What we can expect with android thing in Android 11? I couldn’t see any news related to it on developers site, Is there anything excite developers on that area?

7. We come Kotlin as a first citizen to Kotlin-first? Is it a final warning to Java Insisters? Is there a possibility new future Application Framework API will going to implement in Kotlin?



Saturday, August 8, 2020
5:00 AM – 9:00 AM UTC


5:00 AMIce Breaking
5:35 AMGuest Speaking - 嘉宾分享
6:05 AMQ&A - 串场总结
6:20 AMRound Table


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