G ° F patterns & Drools

GDG Sardegna
Wed, Jun 21, 2017, 6:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

G ° F patterns

The book of design patterns known as Gang of Four has been a kind of Bible for all the developers of a generation. Its main pro has been giving us a common vocabulary: when a programmer says “here I used a strategy pattern” all colleagues know of what he is speaking about. Nevertheless the biggest issue with this is that almost all patterns listed in that book, especially the behavioural ones, are a only workaround for a missing abstraction: higher order functions. The introduction of lambda expressions in Java 8 finally allows all Java developers to remove this no longer necessary and cumbersome object oriented infrastructure from their code.

The purpose of this talk is showing, through a series of live coding examples, how the most common GoF patterns can be rethought and reimplemented in a simpler and more concise functional way leveraging Java 8 lambdas.

Speaker: Mario Fusco

Introducing Drools 7

The talk will start with a quick introduction into the main differences between imperative and declarative programming and describing the most common use cases when the second should be used or at least considered, I will delve in more details into how this concepts have been implemented in Drools and which are its characteristic features including: the Drools Rule Language, the possibility to combine forward and backward chaining, the Truth Management System and the temporal reasoning capabilities (Complex Events Processing). Finally I will illustrate the new features added to the version 7 of Drools including: the new multithreaded version of the rule engine; the new OOPath syntax to ease the navigation of graph of objects inside the working memory; the Rule Units that allow to partition a rules set into smaller units, binding different data sources to those units and orchestrate the execution of the individual unit.

Speaker: Mark Proctor

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