Pangea Securathon

Build your security muscle quickly by building apps with Pangea and get some social cred by participating in this security focused hackathon.

Jun 1, 2023, 5:30 PM – Jun 12, 2023, 12:00 AM


Key Themes

About this event


Pangea Securathon is a great opportunity to build your security skills by simply using Pangea's APIs. We’re looking to have developers use one or more of our APIs creatively, build open source solutions using Pangea, and provide feedback along the way. Join us for this hackathon - You'll have the opportunity to directly interact with some of the best engineers in cybersecurity on the Pangea team, win some prizes and earn some social swagger with our cool Credly badges you can share on your social profiles to highlight your experience learning about our security features in this event. All active participants will be awarded a beautiful participant badge to show off on their social profile their awareness of the importance of security in software development work. There will be unique and special badges for winners of the event.

Pangea is the first Security Platform as a Service (SPaaS) delivering comprehensive security functions which app developers can leverage with a simple call to Pangea’s APIs. The platform offers foundational security services such as Authentication, Authorization, Audit Logging, Secrets Management, Entitlement and Licensing. Other security functions include PII Redaction, Embargo, as well as File, IP, URL and Domain intelligence.

Just as you would use AWS for compute, Twilio for communications, or Stripe for payments - Pangea provides security functions directly into your apps. Pangea unifies security for developers, delivering a single platform where API-first security services are streamlined and easy for any developer to deliver secure user experiences.

If you'd like to request some one-on-one coaching please email - to coordinate some time.


What to build

Hey developers - build a new app, or use Pangea in an existing one - open source or otherwise. We have a few opportunities for you to win prizes. Be creative - use one or more of our APIs.

What to submit

If your solution is open source the repository must be public in a repo, contain all necessary files, a readme that clearly calls out where in the code you are using Pangea APIs, and have an open source license from one of the following:


Apache 2.0 -

If you are submitting a closed sourced solution using our APIs, please document clearly in the project what and how you have used our APIs.

For all solutions submit a working application link with login details, as well as a video that demonstrates your project in action. The video should be around 3-5 minutes.


  • Deepa Subramanian


  • Daniele Rocha


  • Sourab Saklecha

    San Jose State University


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