GDG San Jose Dev Fest - Sculpting Data for Machine Learning

Come join us on this amazing session by Jigyasa Grover, a GDE in Machine Learning.

Oct 27, 2022, 10:00 – 11:30 PM


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About this event

In the contemporary world of machine learning algorithms - “data is the new oil”. For the state-of-the-art ML algorithms to work their magic it’s important to lay a strong foundation with access to relevant data. Volumes of crude data are available on the web nowadays, and all we need are the skills to identify and extract meaningful datasets. This talk aims to present the power of the most fundamental aspect of Machine Learning - Dataset Curation, which often does not get its due limelight. It will also walk the audience through the process of constructing good quality datasets as done in formal settings with a simple hands-on Pythonic example. The goal is to institute the importance of data, especially in its worthy format, and the spell it casts on fabricating smart learning algorithms.

Come learn from the author of the book "Sculpting DataJigyasa Grover. She is Google Developer Expert in Machine learning.

Prerequisite tools / setup for the audience: Basic knowledge of ML.

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  • Jigyasa Grover


    Machine Learning Engineer | ML Google Developer Expert | Co-author of the Book ‘Sculpting Data for ML’


  • Deepa Subramanian


    Google Developer Expert for Web, Project Fugu and PWA


  • Deepa Subramanian


  • Daniele Rocha


  • Sourab Saklecha

    San Jose State University


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