Lessons learnt working on Daydream

GDG San Francisco
Wed, Nov 16, 2016, 6:00 PM (PST)

About this event

Speaker: Shanee Nishry

Shanee Nishry is a Software Engineer working on the Google Daydream team. She works on the virtual reality apps framework and VR apps including the VR version of Street View.
Shanee also a game developer, who is slightly too crazy about performance, graphics, cats and swords. She is also conscious of the number of times "VR" comes up in her bios and ponders a way to optimize referencing the term while reducing repetition.


Virtual reality is new and exciting, but working on virtual reality apps can be difficult. For engineers, there is the challenge to get pixels on the screen in stereoscopic rendering configuration while running at 60 frames per second. This becomes more challenging when working on mobile hardware where thermals are involved and the CPU/GPU get throttled.

Additionally, VR is different from conventional apps. Let's add interactive interaction, controllers and gaze input - how do we make that intuitive and fun to use? How do we keep our performance requirements? And does anyone really know what's the right way to do things in VR?

Join us and find out about the challenges we faced at Google developing Daydream, a virtual reality platform, and how we made our first VR apps like Street View VR... and maybe some insight to where we are taking things next, at least on eng level.