Extending Google Assistant | Deep Convolutional Neural Networks with TensorFlow

GDG San Francisco
Wed, Jun 13, 2018, 6:00 PM (PDT)

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Agenda :
6:00pm - 6:30pm Check-in and networking over food and drinks
6:30pm: Talks
Introduction to Extending Google Assistant
Deep Convolutional Neural Networks using TensorFlow and TensorFlow Serving

Talk: Introduction to Extending Google Assistant
Description: Learn about the latest dynamic in technology -- Voice User Interface (VUI). Learn how Google Assistant works and how you can leverage the platform to add an additional layer of access and interactivity to your users.

Talk: Deep Convolutional Neural Networks using TensorFlow and TensorFlow Serving
Description: TensorFlow is a powerful open-source library from Google for machine intelligence. It is used by researchers, engineers, students, and others. It has been key in the democratization of deep learning across multiple domains. In this talk, Shruti will walk through the process of training an image classification model using TensorFlow in Keras, and then using TensorFlow Serving to serve the model and run prediction on images. After building your own application, Shruti will show how this looks in a real production environment - how the Machine Learning team at VSCO leverages TensorFlow and TensorFlow Serving for real-time image classification.

About the Speakers:

Jessica Dene Earley-Cha is a Developer Advocate for Google Assistant. She loves to connect with developers and explore VUI (voice user interface) to add another dimension to how user interact with technology. Jessica is a full stack developer who enjoys sharing knowledge and support others. Jessica is the co-organizer for Google Developers Group San Francisco, is a Women Techmakers lead and a teacher for Girl Develop It. You’ll find her either spending time with her dog, collecting strawberry knick knack or coding one of her many personal projects.

Shruti Sharma is a Machine Learning Engineer at VSCO (www.vsco.co) where she trains deep learning models and builds APIs to use these models in VSCO's products. Previously, she worked on building image processing tools at VSCO. She holds a Masters degree from University of Southern California with a focus on image processing and computer vision. She enjoys keeping up with the fascinating advances in the field of machine learning and is excited about where the field is headed. She's passionate about supporting and mentoring women and other minorities who are looking to enter the field of technology.

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