Web Games with Dart and the HTML5 Canvas

GDG Salt Lake
Mon, Jul 27, 2015, 6:30 PM (MDT)

About this event

Enough of the serious stuff. Let's have some fun! This month, we're going to leave behind the CRUD apps, business logic, and daily stand-ups. We'll explore how features like real classes, comprehensive standard libraries, and syntactic sugar make Dart the perfect technology for producing browser-based games. Over the course of the meetup, we'll build a simple action game together, exploring concepts like drawing on the HTML5 canvas, random number generation, and game loops using one of the modern browsers' hottest new features, requestAnimationFrame().

Perhaps best of all for those of you new to Dart: all the game code we write can be composed and executed in the online Dart playground, DartPad (http://dartpad.dartlang.org). No setup required! Just bring any device that can run a modern web browser and you're good to go. Of course, if you already use a full-fledged editing environment like WebStorm, Eclipse, or Sublime Text, those will work too.

Big News: Dart 1.11 was released! We'll spend a few minutes talking about the changes and new features.

Prizes: At the end of the meet there will be a short survey. Give us a little feedback and be entered to win awesome prizes from Google's quarterly give-away! The winner will get to choose a prize: a Nexus 9 tablet, an Acer 13 Chromebook, or an LG G Watch R.

Location: Our group will be meeting in the Front Conference Room (BR 102). Just as you enter the building, the room is on the right. There will be signs.