Build Assistant Actions on Google for Your Community

GDG Salt Lake City
Sat, Aug 4, 2018, 9:30 AM (MDT)

About this event

If you have ever wanted to learn and practice creating actions or skills for a smart assistant, this is the workshop for you! Come join us for a day full of talks, codelabs, and actions showcasing. Learn how to build Actions for the Google Assistant that are useful for your community - whether it's a professional network, interest group, or your hometown. We'll be providing food, expert help, and some prizes for attendees. This is on a Saturday, so you can count on a focused group with lots of time for questions. You'll be able to walk away with a completed smart assistant action. All skill levels are welcome, even if you just have an idea!

We're charging to provide an excellent experience, and our organizers are volunteering their time, so no profit will be made.

We've received sponsorship from Apex Systems and are now offering a $50 AIY kit to the first 15 people to RSVP (and of course attend the event). We're continuing to talk to sponsors, so there's hopefully more to come! The AIY kits work using the same skills we'll learn and actions we build, so you'll be able to test and demonstrate your smart assistant talents anywhere! The day-long workshop includes breakfast and a catered lunch. We hope to be done by late-afternoon so you can still enjoy the rest of Saturday. The event is appropriate for all skill levels; we'll cover everything you need to know. You only need to bring a computer with a web browser, and we absolutely welcome any ideas for what kind of smart assistant action you want to build.