2 Android tracks: New and Intermediate+

GDG Salt Lake City
Thu, Jul 9, 2015, 6:00 PM (MDT)

About this event

In our last meeting we decided that a repeating format would be useful. The planned format is to have two tracks, one as orientation for Android beginners and another for experienced Android developers. Food is not provided at this meetup, but you are able to eat food in the conference room where we meet.

Location info: As you come to Instructure tonight please note a few things. 1. Please park on the ground level and enter the giant glass doors. (This is the 2nd floor) Elevators are to the right. There will be no way to get into the building after 6:30. The doors will become locked. 2. Please come up to the 7th floor. From there you will walk down some stairs to the 6th floor where we will be meeting. We will have signs posted.

Track 1: Beginner Orientation @ 6:15pm. Build an Android app from scratch. Bring a laptop or follow along with a fellow developer.

import introductionToAndroid;

String event = "Hello World!";

For those interested in learning and trying things out. Here is the suggested preparation:

Download and install Android Studio:


Download the SDKs you wish to work with. They can be downloaded within the SDK manager of Android Studio. Also download the Google USB driver which is also found in the SDK manager.

There is WiFi, but these downloads are large and will take some time, so anything you can download ahead of time would be helpful. If you have an Android device, bring it along with a USB cable.

Track 2: 6:15pm, discussion and open Q&A

We will be brainstorming ideas for an app for the group to continually develop. Also, bring your own apps-in-progress and get help or ideas.

Android and the Internet of Things
UI tips: how does Flipboard do it?
Making Uber
An app with payments
An app to count your steps
App analytics
Managing users across more than 1 app
Differences between Android and iOS