GDG Rhein-Main Christmas Talk Time 2015

GDG Rhein-Main
Tue, Dec 8, 2015, 5:30 PM (CET)

About this event

"So here it is, merry christmas, everybody is having fun…"

And what would be a christmas without a nice GDG talk time?
Join us on the 8th December on the top-most floor of the Silvertower in Frankfurt for a nerdy christmas event full of talks, networking and fun!

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In cooperation with Techettes Frankfurt, the Frankfurt Polymer group and Coding Night Frankfurt we brought to you some sweet talks about diverse topics in the tech universe:

Ronan Schwarz - Internet of Things with LoRa

LoRa is a technology and specification for low power wide area networks. It allows small IoT devices to communicate at slow speeds, but over a wide range.

Marko Petzold - Polymer & Web Components

You want to use a new HTML element, but browser vendors need years to agree on a standard? Today, you can create HTML elements yourself using web components!
Polymer is just the tool to help you out here. It helps you create elements easier and comes with some quite handy features like 2-way data binding. To top it off, Polymer comes with a lot of pre-built nice-looking material designed elements, so you can start in a jiffy!

Harini Gunabalan: Machine Learning with TensorFlow

Google recently published the open-source application TensorFlow, a new machine learning system that was built on top of the machine learning knowledge within Google.
Today, TensorFlow is used for building algorithms used for speech recognition, smart reply or search in photos.

Theofilos Nikolaou: Project Tango

What if your phone could not only see, but also recognize the world around you? That's what Project Tango is all about. It allows devices to measure depth around them. Moreover, it can build full 3D models of the real environment.
Theofilos is going to show us what Tango is and what it does - including a live demo!

Michal Harakal - Docker for Android Developers

Docker as an open platform for building, shipping and running distributed applications is gaining a lot of momentum. Especially part "building" can be very interesting for Android developers. By dealing with various IDEs, build systems, build tools, libraries, Android API and so on Docker can be a quite handy helper in developer's toolbox. We will have a short look what Docker is, will show some use cases related to Android development and share experiences from our daily life.

Now, do we have your attention? :-)

Please register upfront so the so the skyscraper security is going to let you upstairs, and places are limited! See you soon!

Livestream available:


  17:30    Enter the building
  18:00    Start of talks
~21:00   Open end, beer, socializing, fun & more!