The Code to Your Future: preparing for the future of Coding

The use of AI,ML & Quantum Computing, especially in the software development space is increasing. Integrating AI into existing technologies will offer a meaningful platform for better decision-making, better outcomes, efficiency, automation and enhanced digital experience. predictions for the Future of IT in 2022 Does coding have a future? Will coding ever go away? Is coding future-proof?

Nov 17, 2022, 4:00 – 5:00 PM


Key Themes

AIAR/VRCareer Development

About this event

Or Manor, Data Geek, Certified Computer Systems Analyst (CSA) , Mentor @ Google WTM , Strategic Partnership Lead, Google Developers Group Chapter (GDG) | Founder of Innovation Social Club, 

Bineet Sharma , Director & Associate Professor of the Computer Science Department at the University of Silicon Valley

Suresh Gautam , Data Science, and Blockchain Technology Enthusiast | Big Data Technologist | Database Solution Architect 

Will talk about  :

Will everyone code in the future?

Will AI & ML, and Quantum Computing take coding jobs?

Is software engineering a dying field?

Will robots take over programming?

Will no code Replace code?


  • Or Manor

    Innovation Social Club

    GDG Rehovot Lead Chepter , Founder

  • Pini Levy


    GDG Rehovot lead Team member

  • Eyal Ben-Ze'ev

    Eyal Ben-Ze'ev

    GDG Rehovot Team member

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