Is DevOps Dead ?

Is it just semantics or is there really a difference between DevOps, SRE, Platform Engineers, Cloud Engineers or even SysAdmins? This session will shed light for practitioners who want more clarity on how industry trends will impact their careers.

Dec 13, 2022, 6:00 – 7:00 PM


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In one corner we have Angel and Fabian arguing that DevOps is dead and that Platform Engineers and SREs are fundamentally different beasts from their predecessor. They will also dive into what this means for tech managers and for those currently working in DevOps, what skills will matter in the new world? the other corner, Andreas and Oshrat will argue that DevOps is live and kicking with all the new naming conventions being mere semantics. They will dive into how employers try to differentiate themselves and what the different terms say about a company. They will also discuss what common pitfalls engineers fall into when trying to follow the latest trends.

Together we will debate and analyze these frameworks and hope to thereby settle the question "Is DevOps dead?"

DevOps is dead. Long live DevOps.


  • Angel Rivera


    Principal Developer Advocate @ CircleCI

  • Fabian Met


    CTO and TechFluencer | Kubernetes | AWS/GCP | Golang| Cloud Native Enthousiast | Automate all the things!

  • Andres Grabner


    DevOps Activist at Dynatrace, DevRel for CNCF Keptn, PurePerformance Podcast host

  • Oshrat Nir


    Head of Product Marketing


  • Or Manor

    Innovation Social Club

    Data Geek , Certified Systems Analyst, Mentor @Google WTM , Strategic Partnership Lead, Google Developers Group Chapter


  • Or Manor

    Innovation Social Club

    GDG Rehovot Lead Chepter , Founder

  • Pini Levy


    GDG Rehovot lead Team member

  • Eyal Ben-Ze'ev

    Eyal Ben-Ze'ev

    GDG Rehovot Team member

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