Albert Einstein Mini Hackathon for Community Resilience

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The Albert Einstein Hackathon for Innovation in Education is underway for the third year! Following the success of the two previous hackathons, the Dr. Edna Pesher Group and Co. set out with another event with the aim of creating change in the world of education as a key to preserving and developing the national resilience of the State of Israel.

Feb 1, 2:30 AM – Feb 14, 4:15 AM

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About this event

The Albert Einstein hackathon is designed to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in education systems in Israel, reduce social gaps and preserve national resilience.

Together we will formulate smart and creative solutions to the challenges of education in the changing world.

The Albert Einstein hackathon event - innovation in education for national resilience for Israel will take place this year in a different format.

The event will be dedicated to communities evacuated from the south and the north.

This is a "mini hackathon" that encourages hashtag#entrepreneurship and hashtag#creative_thinking among the communities, to promote solutions to strengthen hashtag#resilience and to strengthen hashtag#personal hashtag#security in the fields of hashtag#education, hashtag#health and more.

The event is non profit motive and will take place remotely.

Email for more details and link to register in comments.

hashtag#hackathon hashtag#nationalresilience hashtag#community hashtag#ironswords hashtag#war

אירוע האקתון אלברט איינשטיין - חדשנות בחינוך לחוסן לאומי לישראל יתקיים השנה במתכונת שונה.

האירוע יוקדש לקהילות מפונים מהדרום והצפון.

זהו "מיני האקתון" המעודד hashtag#יזמות ו-hashtag#חשיבה_יצירתית בקרב הקהילות, לקידום פתרונות לחיזוק hashtag#חוסן ותחושת hashtag#בטחון hashtag#אישי בתחומי hashtag#חינוך, hashtag#בריאות ועוד.

האירוע אינו למטרת רווח ומתקיים בחיבור מרחוק.

דוא״ל לפרטים נוספים ולינק לרישום בתגובות.

hashtag#האקתון hashtag#חוסןלאומי hashtag#קהילה hashtag#חרבותברזל hashtag#מלחמה



February 1 – 14, 2024
2:30 AM – 4:15 AM UTC


  • Daphna Daphna Kenig

    The Open University of Israel

    Director, Center of Digital Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Adi Sapir Motola


    Biz-Dev | | Board Member

  • Uriel Ofir


    🌟 Full-stack (nodeJS) developer | Open Source Community Manager | Developer Relations Enthusiast.


  • Dr. Edna Pasher

    Edna Pasher Ph.D & Associates

    CEO & Founder


  • Shmuel Ben Tovim



  • Vered Adler

    Zohar Dalia Ltd

    Vice President Marketing & Sales

  • Orit Lahav

    AMAL Group

    head of educational technology

  • Olivier Schiffmann

    Naotech Communication Group


  • Liat Shaham


    Head of Bizdev . Former director of the Economic Mission in Spain

  • Sarit Moses Melamed

    Hotlz Air Force


  • Daniel kovlerd

    Methodian Ltd.

  • Limor Mushnik

    Edna Pasher PhD & Associates

    Innovation Mentor & Senior Management Consultant


  • Or Manor

    Innovation Social Club


  • Dr. Edna Pasher

    Edna Pasher Ph.D & Associates

    CEO & Founder


Edna Pasher Ph.D & Associates logo

Edna Pasher Ph.D & Associates

Rashi Foundation logo

Rashi Foundation


  • Or Manor

    Innovation Social Club

    GDG Rehovot Lead Chepter , Founder

  • Pini Levy


    GDG Rehovot lead Team member

  • Eyal Ben-Ze'ev

    Eyal Ben-Ze'ev

    GDG Rehovot Team member

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