Art of Communication Beyond Words

GDG Rajkot
Sun, Aug 30, 2020, 2:00 PM (IST)

About this event

WTM Rajkot is back with a new interesting topic. Communication is an art that we often take for granted. It is more than physical and verbal abilities. It takes energy along with the ability to offer support, demonstrate an understanding and compassion to communicate effectively. Whether we want to communicate emotion, question, expectation, or any other message, openness and willingness to communicate improve the overall quality of communication. It is now important than ever to hone this skill no matter which field you work in.

"It's not how correct you are, It is about how to make other people understand"

In this situation of a pandemic, it is needed more than ever to communicate well.

As we develop your career, communicating effectively may help you in many areas:

For example,

- To secure and clear interviews.

- To work efficiently with Co-workers.

- To get noticed in and get that next promotion.

- Gain overall confidence.

Let's learn to avoid common mistakes and develop the confidence to make communication a utility to push through obstacles.

Join us to understand how anyone can learn to get better at the art of communication beyond words.



  • GDG Rajkot

    GDG Rajkot

    GDG Rajkot

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