Touch the clouds #1

GDG Poznań
Thu, Mar 28, 2019, 5:00 PM (CET)

About this event

We would like to invite you to the next meeting organized by GDG Poznań!☁️

Our first speaker will be Pranjal Agrawal- Software developer and cloud engineer from Google Warsaw! Pranjal will tell us about deploying applications on Google Cloud.
"Google cloud offers many possibilities to deploy applications - Google Compute Engine, App Engine, Cloud Functions, Google Kubernetes Engine, etc., which differ vastly in the required setup and the methodology of resource management (automatic vs. manual). This talk will be an introduction (with a live demo) to deploying applications on the Google Cloud Platform. Be it a simple server, a script running a periodic job, or a complex distributed system, GCP offers myriad of ways to handle these scenarios which we will explore in detail. I will demonstrate by deploying an application on various platforms, connecting it with data stores, etc. Hopefully this will serve as a broad scope introduction to Google Cloud Platform and enable listeners to choose the product and setup for their needs."

Our second speaker will be Jakub Holak- Lead Front End Developer from Nordcloud:
"Almost all modern apps are real-time. Think gaming, Uber, Messanger or Twitter. It is not obvious how to achieve that kind of dynamism in serverless architectures - so I would love to present how one can leverage public cloud services to do so. Let's use AppSync and API Gateway and get our data ASAP! #graphql #amplify"

We also invite you to pizza & networking! 🍕

More information about agenda soon.

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