TensorFlow Dev Summit 2019 Viewing Party

GDG Porto
Wed, Mar 6, 2019, 5:10 PM (WET)

About this event

Let's gather our machine learning users and enthusiasts together for the Tensorflow Dev Summit 2019 Viewing Party!

Here you will have the chance to hear about new updates to Tensorflow - Tensorflow 2.0 and Tensorflow Lite - and how it can be used to solve different problems.

Join us and some brilliant speakers for the Keynote live streaming and the amazing panel discussion.


17h10 – Welcome and get together

17h30 – “TensorFlow Dev Summit 2019 Keynote” by Megan Kacholia, Rajat Monga, Kemal El Moujahid and Alina Shinkarsky (Live Streaming)

17h50 – “Tensorflow 2.0” by Karmel Allison and Martin Wicke (Live Streaming)

18h15 – “Tensorflow Lite” by Pete Warden and Raziel Alvarez (Live Streaming)

18h55 - Grab a beer and let's dicuss

19h00 – “AI: What can we expect for our society?" panel discussion on Artificial Intelligence and its capabilities to positively/negatively influence and revolutionise the world as we know.

- Mário Cordeiro, Senior Software Engineer & Technical Manager @ Critical Manufacturing
- Luís Baía, Senior Data Scientist @ Farfetch

Moderator: Isabel Portugal, Data Scientist @ Hostelworld

20h00 – Closing, hanging out and beer time!