Interview Practice: System Design

Portland State University School of Business at Karl Miller Center (KMC 318), 615 Southwest Harrison Street, Portland, 97201

GDG Portland

Need to practice solving interview puzzles in-person? Join us for a 90 minute practice and sharing session

May 29, 12:45 โ€“ 2:30 AM

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How would you design Tiktok? Vertical or horizontal scaling - which is optimal? Work to practice solving an easy System Design or Algorithms problem on a whiteboard, with tips from industry professionals.

Both junior or expert devs welcome!

Bring your laptop and dry erase pens.

Participants may choose their language (Java, C++, Go, Python, or 20+ more) and choose from two puzzles. Option to practice an online problem assessment on HackerRank, or record yourself.

1) Once registered, email to be paired with your mock interviewer

2) Building access: non-PSU visitors, arrive at east entrance at 5:45pm, or text an organizer. Room is open starting at 5pm.

Organizers will be wearing white GCP lanyards.

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  • Keylan Petty

    Portland State University

    College of Computer Science


  • Tyler C de Laguna

    GDG Portland

    Chapter Head


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  • Kyle Beechly


  • Ian O'Gorman

    Software Developer,

  • Tyler C de Laguna

    Chapter Head

  • Yaakov Bressler


    Sr. Data Engineer

  • Isil Berkun

    Founder of DigiFab AI

  • Allison Richey


  • Cody Pika Tavita McGraw

    Guide on the Side, Llc.

    Event Organizer

  • Abigail Weisenbloom


  • Evan Pierce

    Mobile Developer, Netflix

  • Shouryan Nikam


    Software Engineer

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