Android Beginners Study Jam - Third Session

GDG Phoenix
Thu, Mar 31, 2016, 7:00 PM (MST)

About this event

Not having a 140 char limit means I can really tell a story but if you don’t have time, here is the big picture:

--Moved to 7pm, food will be there at 6:30 though.

--Venue is Gangplank Chandler . . . should be interesting.

--Everyone is welcome, even if you are behind in the course.

For this session we expect you have already finished everything though Lesson 3A and 3B and are thinking about the Five Things Final Project. If you haven't made it that far, well, this is a volunteer gig so there isn’t much I can do . . . and beside, I’m a bit behind too! Plus, Lesson 3 is supposed to be the most difficult so this study jam will be very important. There is a 3 week gap between sessions so we should all be able to make up the lost ground and be ready with questions about Lesson 3 and the Final. We are happy to have you even if you didn’t make it to the kickoff and the second session but please make sure you signup here and get to work because you are really behind!

This meeting will be for about 2 hours and we moved it to 7pm so the people in the North Valley have a chance to make it this far south (specifically, all the experts from Amex!). The food will be there at 6:30 though so show up early and we can chat. You do not have to attend every Study Jam but we do encourage you to attend as many as possible. Community is everything.

Drinks and food will be provided and the plan is we have something other than pizza, but we’ll see. You will need your laptop and headphones and are free to run through the Udacity videos if you are ahead of what we are reviewing.  Below is the standard stuff I’ll put on every Study Jam this series. Hope to see everyone soon!


Udacity, in cooperation with Google, released a new course called “Android Development for Beginners”. In this case, the “Beginners” are people new to programming as well as new to Android. The only requirements are a computer (hopefully a laptop so you can bring it along), some basic computer usage skills, and a willingness to learn and explore. With three lessons and a final the estimate is that it can be done with a 20 hour commitment over the course of a month or so.

Getting started with any new course on a subject as complex as Android is a monumental task . . . even with help from the amazing instructors at Udacity. That’s why GDG Phoenix is proud to support the course and is running a “Study Jam” where we meet regularly and go over questions people have and provide general support while people do the course. Watching the videos and participating in the course is up to you . . . but we’re here to help and motivate you to reach the Final Project!

Feel free to start *right now* and get caught up. The course is online and free and for the first lesson you don’t need any development tools installed.

The secret to “free” is that you click on the “Access Course Materials” button instead of the “Start Free Trial” button.

Have fun! Learn lots! See you soon!