Android Apps, Instant and Everywhere with Yasmine Evjen

GDG Phoenix
Thu, Aug 25, 2016, 7:00 PM (MST)

About this event

During the IO 2016 keynote, Google announced Instant Apps. Instant Apps allow you to run native Android apps without having to install them on your phone. Later that week Google powered up your Chromebook, by introducing Android Apps to Chrome OS. 

Android Apps are going to be available on many devices with varying screen sizes. And you'll be able to complete an in-app task without installing the app. How do we craft a modular and responsive, cohesive Android app experience?

Yasmine Evjen is a UX designer, she believes in pen before pixel, user testing, and research. She can be found advocating for diversity in tech, using code and design to solve problems, and explaining to her daughter that Google isn't a real person. She's hooked on mobile and wearables; you can hear her talk about them on Material Podcast, a weekly show about Google and Android on Relay FM. She was once retweeted by First Lady Michelle Obama.

Food and cold drinks will be waiting when you arrive. Park for free in the structure across the street. Hope you can join us!