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Talk on Stoop with Tim Raybould

GDG Philadelphia
Wed, Jan 30, 2019, 6:00 PM (EST)

About this event

Stoop for Android and iOS is an inbox for finding and reading great newsletters. It was recently featured on Product Hunt as well as a finalist for the 2018 Golden Kitty Awards in the Mobile Category. You can find more about the app here:

--- Abstract ---

The talk will go from concept to shipping to handling an initial burst of users. Stoop was developed using React Native with a Firebase back end and is available on both the iOS App Store (after some app review drama) and the Google Play Store. After launching in November, it's already handling the receipt of hundreds of thousands of emails per week for over 10k inboxes, via a mail server which Firebase communicates with via IMAP.

--- Speaker Bio ---

Tim Raybould is the Founder and builder of Stoop. Prior to Stoop he was the CEO at Ticketleap for 4.5 years, through its exit in 2017, and prior to that was the CFO of Ticketleap for 4 years.