October Monthly Meeting: Web Notifier App ; Left-Shifted Automated Testing

GDG Philadelphia
Thu, Oct 25, 2018, 6:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

(Note: This event is on Thursday instead of our regularly scheduled Wednesday)

Talk 1:

Anatomy of an app: Web Notifier

The Personal Web Notifier is an app that can be programmed to check your favorite websites for updates. For example notify you that a new blog is up on medium for your favorite author, that there's a new article on 9to5Google, or that the game you've backed on Kickstarter finally has an update.

Open source available on GitHub: https://github.com/RightHandedMonkey/PersonalWebNotifier

Anatomy of an app is a dive to explore the inner workings of what makes this app work. From Chrome Custom Tabs to WebViews and why you should care about the difference. What's the reason for using job scheduler and how does it work? We'll go into how the app uses JSoup to read CSS selectors on other pages and injected Javascript to communicate a user's selection of an item on a webpage.

Bio: Currently managing the Comcast xfinity Android Stream team, Sam is a full stack Mobile lead, developer, and architect recently focusing on Android but with extensive experience in the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) and AWS. He has been involved in in delivering robust end-to-end Mobile and Web solutions. As a Mobile developer, he has been instrumental in developing and deploying dozens of apps including xfinity stream, tv remote, apps for major medical journals, and others.


Talk 2

Left-Shifted Automated Testing: Light and Dark Magic Revealed

Abstract: Left-shifted automated testing in Android is hard but, if done right, pays off. I’ll cover practical testing scenarios for developers using Android's Espresso and Architecture Components frameworks. As with any powerful magic, however, Espresso is capable of great good and evil. So come to this talk and learn about both!

Bio: Nick DiPatri has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers and has spent the last 20 years building hardware and software systems for Philadelphia companies. Nick is a 'maker' at heart and loves to build gadgets using epoxy, duct tape, 3D printing, microprocessors, and blinky lights. He has lived in the Philadelphia area most of his life.