January Meetup: AR, Testing Code Lab and Android Architecture Components

GDG Philadelphia
Wed, Jan 31, 2018, 6:00 PM (EST)

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6 - 6.30 pm - Pizza, networking, raffle
6.30 - 6.45 pm - Lightning talk
6.45 - 7.15 pm - Main talk

We have 10 minute spots open if you'd like to speak on Wednesday. Speak about a project you're working on or a problem you've recently solved or a library you're liking. If you have a talk you would like to give, please reach out to the organizers in #android-philly channel. You can sign up for the slack at https://phillydev.org/

NOTE: We're raffling away some swag from Google. Be present and put your name in a hat to receive an awesome gift!

Lightning talk: An Intro to Augmented Reality (10-15 min)
About the speaker: Yash Prabhu is a public speaker, Android team lead and GDG Philly organizer.
Lightning talk: Testing on Google Code Lab
About the speaker: Sam Halperin has an Android Nanodegree, helped Azavea launch opentreemap and wrote the most popular philly bike share client.

Main Talk: Android Architecture Components (30 min)
About the speaker: Gary Jacobs has been working and developing Android for about 8 years. Previously he worked on Comcast's flagship mobile apps such as Cloud DVR and Xfinity Home.
Recently he has been overseeing 3 teams of native iOS and Android native app development for Barclaycard in Wilmington.

The new Android Architecture Components announced at Google I/O 2017 is no longer in beta. In this talk, you will learn about the following components:

ViewModel - A component to declare your data that works with your Activity or Fragments lifecycles. It will not get destroyed during configuration changes (screen orientation) and lives for the life of the app.

LiveData - Wraps your data into an observables and allows your Activities or Fragments to register an observer and get notified when the data changes. Imagine your fragment getting notifications when changes to a database table occur. This is also a great way to communicate between fragments or Activities and Fragments.

Room - Awesome way of creating databases, data accessors and DB entities by just annotating your POJOs that represent the DB data. All three components can be used independently or work together for a persistent solution.


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