August meetup: Mastering Android's App Resources

GDG Philadelphia
Wed, Aug 30, 2017, 6:00 PM (EDT)

About this event


6 - 6.30 pm: Pizza, intros and networking
6.30 - 7.30 pm: Talks

Speakers: Yash Prabhu, John Feras, Jay Kallen

Lightning Talks:

Speaker: Jay Kallen

Topic: Solving a vs joda-time problem

Speaker: John Feras

Topic: ScopeSpeaker app demo


A 360 degree show-and-tell of the ScopeSpeaker app, a companion app to Periscope that allows users to hear (language translated, if necessary) chat messages and free their eyes from the screen.

Main Talk:

Speaker: Yash Prabhu

Title: Mastering Android’s App Resources

Android app resources when used correctly can be an Android developer’s best friend. When a developer embarks on implementing an app, knowing how to lay things out efficiently makes it easier to adapt one screen to any device, be it mobile, TV or a wearable. Not only can you use Android’s resource types for designing responsive apps but you can also use them to define colors, animations, drawables, layouts as well as the newly introduced fonts resource type in Android O preview! In this talk, you will learn about * the various Android resource types at your disposal
* providing alternative resources when you need to support multiple devices and locales
* the precedence of resource qualifiers when there are alternative resources We will go through several code samples to better understand how Android’s resource system works so that it’s easier to make implementation decisions for one design on different screens. This talk is geared towards developers as well as designers interested in knowing how their designs get translated in the Android world.


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