Progressive Web Apps: Apps for the Next Billion Users

GDG Portland
Tue, Feb 27, 2018, 6:00 PM (PST)

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The web is increasingly becoming part of our daily lives, and many of the common tasks we perform from day to day are built as web experiences, including gaming, banking, shopping, and socializing with our dearest friends and family. In some countries, the web and mobile web is the only place to consume content: network coverage is unreliable, data plans are expensive and good hardware is very expensive. Downloading and updating large applications from the store is an option people often disregard.

Progressive Web Apps are designed to solve these three problems: they are fast, reliable, engaging and they are quite small, and only updates when the user is interacting with them.

PWAs provides you with all you would expect from a native application but right from your browser, no installation required. Friction is minimal and they can get all the benefits of a native app such as icon on your home screen, reliable offline operation, push notifications.

In this presentation we will cover the core concepts of Progressive Web Apps. We will also touch on related topics to make an even better Progressive Web App experience.

Topics covered: ServiceWorker, Manifest, Push Notifications, Web Share

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