Ask Firebase: Live Hangout

GDG Omaha
Thu, May 26, 2016, 5:00 PM (CDT)

About this event

What do I need to be part of this event?

It's simple:

Click here to see the live stream

Submit your questions now on Google+ or on Twitter using the hashtag #AskFirebaseLive

If you are running a viewing party, please post images on Google+ or on Twitter using the hashtag #AskFirebaseLive

What will this event look like?

You will be able to connect to a live video stream. Our Firebase experts, James Tamplin and  Magnus  Hyttsten will start with a short introduction about Firebase. Then you will be able to submit your questions on Google+. The experts will pick questions and answer them in the video stream.

Do I have to register?

Yes, please register to attend this event. That way we can send you late-breaking updates.

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